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What a Snow Scene - View them from this Boomerang Chair Map - Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island, Canada

A Snow Scene in the Boomerang Chair Ski Area- Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island

This is a trail map of the new Boomerang chair. Click on the blue camera icons to access skiing pictures taken from that location on the hill. Click your back button or the "Return to Boomerang Chair Trail Map" links to return to this page.

Each skiing picture will have an arrow in the bottom right hand corner that shows the direction I was looking when I took the shot. All arrows are in reference to this map. An arrow to the right means I turned 90 degrees to the right and took the shot. Down is towards the bottom of the map (and the hill for that matter). Up is towards the top of the map and the hill. Enjoy!

Interactive Trail Map - Boomerang Chair - Mt. Washington

About the Boomerang Chair

The Boomerang chair opens up over 400 acres of new terrain on Mt. Washington. Although the new area has a wide variety of features every run has portions that are clearly "double black diamond" rated. A double black diamond rating means that a run is very steep and sometimes narrow. Each snow scene you will see here is chosen to show you just how steep these run are. These runs are not suited for the beginning or intermediate skier.

Skiing and boarding in the Boomerang Outback is always best after a new snow fall. You should be aware that the groomers are never sent over to this side of the mountain. As a result there is no groomed run close at hand if you get into snow conditions that make you uncomfortable.

If you have problems with the map or can't see the camera icons, text links follow:
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  - Skiing Holidays Shots Near the top of Beggars Canyon
  - Downhill Skiing Below the North Glades


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